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Dr. Alvarado has been in private practice since May 1988. Nearly 30 years of experience with manual medicine techniques has allowed him to develop his practice into a science and art. Additionally, 17 years of clinical experience in the utilization of Acupuncture results in a treatment protocol that strives to rapidly alleviate pain and return you to functional independence safely and effectively.

Dr. Alvarado is a consultant for the Texas Department of Insurance/Division of Worker’s Compensation as a Designated Doctor, Member of the MQRP Committee and one of only four Chiropractic Arbiters in the State of Texas. He is also a consultant for multiple third-party administrators and has in the past acted as a consultant for Insurance Companies. He has appeared on multiple occasions at the State Office of Administrative Hearings as an expert witness in the practice of Chiropractic Medicine. The trust he has gained over the years from these entities is matched by the trust of his patients and the multiple medical doctors in the area who refer to him. None of this would be possible without honesty and integrity.

With 30 years of clinical experience, 17 years of Acupuncture experience and countless hours of post graduate training, Dr. Alvarado can offer the best in Integrative Physical Medicine by combining, in one location, the benefits of Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy, Massage/ Manual Medicine Techniques, Acupuncture and Therapeutic Exercise/ Rehabilitation. His care is truly a combination of science and art.

Dr. Alvarado’s short-term goal with each patient that walks in his door is a 50% reduction in pain within 6 visits. How is he able to provide such quick relief while others take weeks to months? By correcting the following mistakes made by other healthcare providers:

  • By first and foremost correctly diagnosing your condition. It is medically unlikely that “a bone out of place” is causing your current episode of back pain. It is also unlikely that the arthritis you have had in your back for years has suddenly started to cause your back pain. An episode of back pain is usually caused by an injury which may result in; inflammation, muscle spasms, trigger point formation, myofascial restriction, and inappropriate spinal biomechanics. Recurrent episodes can occur secondary to muscle shortening and/or weakness, stress and a general lack of knowledge on how to help yourself.
  • By providing all the necessary treatment procedures in one location in a manner that “just makes sense”. If there is swelling, we have to reduce it. If there are muscle spasms, they must be relaxed. If there are biomechanical problems, they must be corrected. And so on.
  • By combing the best conservative Evidence Based Medicine options available. Acupuncture can relieve pain by reducing inflammation, spasm and stress. Well performed Chiropractic manipulation can provide relief by restoring normal spinal biomechanics. Precise manual medicine techniques/massage can reduce spasm, trigger point formation and myofascial restriction. Appropriate exercise can help to maintain the positive gains and keep you from having to rely on someone else for temporary relief.
  • By caring; plain and simple. Dr. Alvarado stresses quality in his practice, not quantity. Dr. Alvarado limits the number of patient visits per day so that care can be optimal. He performs all therapeutic procedures himself. Your health is literally in his hands from day one.